The Bioengineering Section of the American Fisheries Society provides a forum for its members to discuss solutions and exchange and publish information regarding techniques and impacts of fisheries bioengineering research and practice.‭ ‬To learn more about the Bioengineering Section or to become a member,‭ ‬please continue below...

Our Mission...

The goal of the Bioengineering Section is to promote excellence in the field of fisheries bioengineering through improved communication between biologists,‭ ‬engineers,‭ ‬and other professionals working for the conservation of fisheries resources.‭ ‬The Bioengineering Section was founded in‭ ‬1979.‭ ‬The American Fisheries Society ‭(‬AFS‭) ‬was‭ ‬founded in‭ ‬1870‭ ‬to promote the conservation,‭ ‬development,‭ ‬and wise use of fisheries resources.‭ ‬To learn more about the history,‭ ‬objectives,‭ ‬and administration of the Bioengineering Section,‭ ‬click the‭ "‬Administration‭" ‬button above.

What is Fisheries Bioengineering ?

Fisheries bioengineering includes many specialties of biological and engineering expertise, including:

Who should belong to our Section ?

Engineers,‭ ‬biologists,‭ ‬managers,‭ ‬technicians,‭ ‬and researchers who want to keep track of the latest developments in aquaculture systems,‭ ‬habitat protection,‭ ‬fish passage,‭ ‬hydro mitigation equipment development,‭ ‬and project design and operation.

What activities do we support ?


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