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Estuaries form a nexus between many issues of importance to the American Fisheries Society, such as anthropogenic impacts to upland, riparian,   estuarine and nearshore environments. The Estuaries Section was   established in 1993 as the primary bridge between the AFS and external   organizations and individuals involved with estuarine research and   management. It:    Is dedicated to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the viability of the fisheries and other aquatic living resources dependent upon healthy estuaries through the following goals:

  • Advancing the conservation, development, and wise use of fishery resources for the optimum use and enjoyment by all. 
  • Gathering and disseminating information on fisheries science and management; through forums and symposiums.
  • Promoting and evaluating the educational, scientific, and technical aspects of the fisheries profession.
  • Is a primary resource for: Developing public policy affecting estuarine fish and fisheries. 
  • Evaluating ongoing and proposed research and monitoring programs that address estuarine fisheries in North America.
  • Developing estuarine fisheries professionals



Current Officers

President - Abigail Franklin

President Elect-Karin

Secretary-Lynn Waterehouse

Treasurer – Anthony Overton

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2014 144th Annual Meeting Quebec City, PQ Aug 17-24, 2014

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Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science is an international, open-access online journal devoted to marine, coastal, and estuarine fisheries.

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