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The Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC) is one of six geographic chapters within the Northeastern Division of the American Fisheries Society. The mission of the Chapter is to fulfill the parent society's objectives within the Mid-Atlantic Region:


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Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve Coastal Center in Tuckerton, NJ  

2014 Annual Meeting

October 23-24 at Cape Henlopen State Park, DE




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Last Updated:  November 27, 2012


About Us

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Fisheries Society received it's charter from the  parent Society in August 1983.  Membership consists of fisheries professionals and college students from Delaware and New Jersey.  A large percentage of the chapter's membership consists of student's representing institutions such as the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Rutgers University, and  Stockton State College.

The first president, Mr. Oliver T. Edstrom was instrumental in organizing his fellow freshwater and marine biologists from Delaware and New Jersey for membership into the Mid-Atlantic Chapter.  A workshop at the first meeting entitled "Environmental Concerns for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Area relating to Fisheries" set the direction for the quality programs that followed in the ensuing years.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter is small relative to other AFS chapters around the country.  Membership consisted of approximately 60 members in 1999.  The small size of the chapter creates a friendly atmosphere among members, and provides opportunities for students to present their research and converse with fisheries professionals regarding the many different disciplines of fisheries biology and management.  

Meetings are conducted bi-annually in the spring and fall of each year, and are located in Delaware and New Jersey.  Every other year the Chapter's meeting agenda provides students the opportunity to present their research.  A $100 prize is presented for the best student paper.  A chapter newsletter is produced annually to keep members updated on the activities of other members and other important issues affecting the aquatic environment.

































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