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The American Fisheries Society (AFS) Socioeconomics Section was organized in 1984 to provide an active forum within AFS for the inter-disciplinary discussion of social and economic policy and research issues related to fisheries and fishery management. 

The objective of the AFS Socioeconomics Section is to increase the understanding and use of social science information within the fisheries management community. The Section works to meet this objective by:

  • Increasing the dissemination of fisheries-related social science information,
  • Building greater professional contacts between social scientists and fishery resource managers,
  • Providing social scientists with opportunities for continued professional development.

Membership in the Socioeconomics Section provides social scientists and fishery managers with a forum vital to the exchange of information, continued professional development, and an increased understanding and use of social sciences within the fisheries community.

Current AFS members are eligible to join the Socioeconomics Section for only $5.00. If you are not an AFS member, please complete the membership application and specify membership in the Socioeconomics Section.

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