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Below are the statements for our two candidates: Bonnie and Yushun:   

Bonnie Earleywine:
Stream Restoration Technician
The Nature Conservancy

(501) 614-5098

Water quality interests:  I have a B.S. in environmental science (2007) from the University of Central Arkansas and M.S. in fisheries (2010) from Mississippi State University. Most of my research has involved stream surveys, fish and invertebrate community assessments, and broad-scale ecology projects in the southeast and northwest USA. A lot of issues come down to agricultural practices and one of my interests is creating a better understanding and partnership between natural resource agencies and farmers and agricultural industries.

 Involvement of WQ Section and/or AFS: I was a student member of the Mississippi chapter of AFS which led me to a position as student caucus representative in 2008 at Mississippi State University. Upon graduation, I surveyed streams for several seasons and traveled. I've only recently become a "young professional" so this is a new aspect of AFS for me. I became a member of the Arkansas chapter AFS for my birthday this year. I'm hoping to become much more involved with my Arkansas chapter and the water quality section.

Platform statement: I feel this would be an exciting way for me get plugged into the group as a young professional. I enjoy hearing about different research interests and disciplines. One of my favorite things about AFS is the mentorship opportunity where long-standing members and professionals are able to discuss their work and progress in their careers with students and members just beginning their careers. I hope to offer a fresh approach to incorporate new members into the water quality section and build a bond between our members.

Yours sincerely,

Bonnie Earleywine

Yushun Chen

870-575-8136 (office),
870-575-8084 (laboratory),

I am Yushun Chen, Director of Water Quality and Ecosystems Health Research Laboratory and Assistant Professor in Aquaculture and Fisheries Center, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR.

I have broad interests in water quality in different water bodies, and I am also interested in linking different water quality conditions to ecosystem health in those water bodies. I did my PhD work in the Central Appalachian Mountains where I studied effects of the Appalachian Corridor-H highway construction on water quality (mainly sediment, heavy metals, and nutrients) in adjacent streams. I also conducted monitoring of stream water quality (mainly alkalinity, acidity, pH, and metals) response to coal mining in the Central Appalachian Mountain streams. I did my Post-Doctoral research in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Alabama and Mississippi) where I conducted research on effects of coastal urbanization on water quality (mainly nutrients, salinity, and sediment) and biological communities in coastal lagoons and bayous. In the past over three years, I have been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in water quality (i.e., Aquatic Chemistry and Analysis & Water Quality and Ecosystem Management) and conducting many research projects addressing water quality issues in fish aquaculture ponds (e.g., dissolved oxygen, ammonia, chlorophyll a), coastal bayous (dissolved oxygen and nutrients), and the Lower Mississippi River Basin agricultural streams (nutrients, sediment, and dissolved oxygen). More teaching and research information about me can be found at: http://www.uaex.edu/aqfi/people/faculty/ychen/

I have been an active AFS and AFS Water Quality Section member for several years. I and my students have been presenting presentations addressing water quality and ecosystem health in AFS national and regional meetings in the past several years. By working with other non-AFS water quality professionals, I have been working to build a research network to initiative basin wide collaborations on protecting water quality from agricultural production in the Mississippi River Basin. In addition to the network within US, I have been working hard to initiate international collaborations on water quality and aquatic resources management. For example, I have initiated the Mississippi-Yangtze River Basin Collaboration Network this year, and we will organize the first international symposium on water quality and fishery resources management in the two basins in this year’s AFS national meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. This will be a milestone of scientific communications on water quality and fisheries resources management within each basin and between the two basins.

After communicated with current AFS Water Quality Section (WQS) President Mr. Doug Bradley to express my interests, I have learned more about AFS WQS and the duties of the section officer. If elected, I will first work closely with former AFS WQS officers and get adjusted to the new role quickly. Then, I will meet all the duties of being an officer of the AFS WQS, communicate with section members frequently, and recruit more new members to join the AFS WQS. In the future national and regional AFS meetings, I will work with other colleagues to initiate a series of water quality symposia and workshops, which will serve as an important approach to attract more AFS and non-AFS members’ interests in water quality. I will continue working with colleagues in different agencies and groups (e.g., state environmental protection departments/divisions, US EPA, USGS, USACE, USDA, environmental conservation firms, and Non-governmental organizations, etc) who are caring about water quality and aquatic resources in the nation. I will also promote large scale collaboration efforts (e.g., the Mississippi River Basin Water Quality Network) and build up the national water quality monitoring collaboration network under the framework of the AFS parent society. And if needed, I will also promote international collaboration networks through the AFS WQS, which will strengthen the international leadership of the AFS and AFS WQS in water quality and aquatic resources management.

Yours sincerely

Yushun Chen, Ph.D.
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